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A simple transformation of the ever popular Mahogony Table Nest.

Updated: May 16, 2022

Mahogony pieces always tend to be stunning in detail- the Queen Anne Leg, the ornately detailed edges and curved legs however the wood colouring tones are dull and drab.

A simple makeover using the fabulous Frenchic Furniture Paint in colours Duckling , Frenchic Silver Frensheen Mix and a decoupage using this beautiful peacock print paper.

To achieve the initial all over colour I have used a round furniture paint brush with a slight mist of water to give an easy glide of paint. This look has taken 3 coats of paint ensuring to leave 2 hours between coats.

The signature silver dipped legs are easily created with Frogtape Yellow (low tact) and ruler to measure depth. Ensuring each leg is the same depth I have taped each up around the leg at 10cm and coated in 2 coats of silver. It is important to pull the tape away when the paint is still wet to ensure a straight line finish.

The final step is our beautiful peacock print paper to table tops. Measuring the inner square of each table from large to small I have used a cutting ruler the cut out each square(cut 2mm smaller to ensure no overlap). It is important to ensure to follow the paper roll downwards and right to the edge on each cut of paper (this is to ensure the pattern follows onto each table and matches). Again using a mist of water mixed with Strong PVA glue each page is secured onto the table top.

This set did have a glass top however the paper has also been sealed with Frenchic Finishing Coat (2 coats) to ensure it is water resistant.


Check out the before and after transformation , the perfect statement piece in any room.

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A simple transformation of the ever popular Mahogony Table Nest / May 2022

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